JL Audio MX-Series Speakers

The MBY Cool 50 list should rock your socks off and JL Audio’s light-up MX-Series speakers not only produce superb onboard sound but also look the business and glow at night. Now that’s rock and roll.

With optional LED illumination, these waterproof, durable speakers add a new twist to on-board entertainment and can glow blue when nightfalls.

Don’t fret, though, we’d never let a product on the hallowed MBY Cool 50 turf just for its looks – the MX Series has a lot of function to complement its good-looking form. Utilising tough marine-grade construction, the MX-Series are coaxial speakers and so feature feature woofers and tweeters to deliver high-performance sound. Available in 6.5-inch size for tighter deck spaces and 7.7-inch for larger craft, the models use long excursion woofer designs for solid mid-bass output and pure silk dome tweeters for smooth highs.

The coaxial speakers are loud and clear whether underway or at anchor and integrated LEDs take care of the optional illumination.

Made in Miramar, Florida, the units are available in white, titanium, titanium/black or chrome and fully marine certified – on test they stayed rust-free and good as new after two seasons of use.

We all need a little flash for our cash and the MX-Series look very cool when installed and will no doubt prove a real crowd pleaser. Whether on a ski boat or cruiser, we think it would be pretty cool to relax under the stars with your favourite at-anchor playlist with the speakers aglow.

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Price: £299.90