Lemon’s California Roll Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Whether you’re in the pool, sunbathing on the foredeck or swimming in the sea, these waterproof speakers mean you can take your tunes anywhere.

The cool California Roll not only floats and can play for up to 15 hours after a full charge, but solar panels further extend the speaker’s operating life.

Nine integrated solar panels mean you can use the speakers and charge the unit simultaneously. Pretty nifty!

Designed for life on the water, the 2 x10W channel stereo speaker is waterproof even when submerged and the 5,000mAh battery can be used as a USB charger to recharge up to three other devices. The charge comes from the solar energy, allowing the device to charge itself and the device plugged into it at the same time.

Lemon’s California Roll

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With just seven hours of sunlight, users can enjoy around 15 hours of music, anywhere – now that’s a product worthy of the MBY Cool 50. DJ Mode allows up to three devices to control the speakers – the music will automatically pause and play when it is changed from one device to another. Users can amplify the sound by pairing two speakers together.

The California Roll is stylish, compact and easy to use on board. Shockproof and temperature-proof (-20°C to +60°C) these speakers are great to use when everyone is relaxing on board and give you total peace of mind – spray, splashes or total immersion won’t be a problem.


Price: US$249