Seago 02 Lite

Inflatable tenders are ruddy handy, especially for smaller boat owners and their portability, stowability and versatility has won many mariners’ hearts.

Portability, however, comes in many levels and though inflatable and foldable RIBs may stow away well they can also require quite a bit of brute strength when hauling them up and down a slipway or beach or lifting them on and off a bathing platform.

Attachable wheels often provide a great solution but weighing in at 14kg for the 2.3m model, the Seago 02 Lite is infinitely easier to get from beach to water.

The Seago Lite 02 is rated for up to three passengers or 310kg and is made from high quality lightweight PVC. Claimed to be around half the weight of standard inflatable dinghies, the Lite range proved reliable and rigid enough on test and much easier to take on and off the bathing platform and sling up the beach.

A good-looking, good-performing little tender and one of the best bets on the MBY Cool 50 list if lightweight and ease of use are high on your agenda.

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Our advice would be to grab an electric air pump rather than persevere with the foot pump supplied, it does the job but an electric version will really cut down time and hassle.

Seago claims the transom can take up to a 6hp engine but we found a 5hp engine more than sufficient and overall preferred the ease of the Torqueedo electric motor.

Price: £499.95