Spinlock Lume-On Lifejacket LED Patches

Proving the best things really do come in small packages, these innovative LED sticky patches attach to the underside of your lifejacket transforming the bladder into a glowing orb that is easier to spot.

Simple, effective and a great addition to your on-board safety gear; Lume-On patches feature compact LEDs that stick to the underbelly of each bladder and illuminate when they come in contact with water. The lifejacket bladders act like a large ‘diffuser’ producing a fluorescent mass of light.

On test, we found that the illuminated lifejacket bladder made coming alongside an MOB much easier. Lume-On flash for two hours and can be attached to a range of lifejackets. The bladder material needs to be translucent and the bladder itself cannot be welded to the cover for the Lume-On to work.

Manufactured by UK-based deck hardware and safety equipment specialist Spinlock, Lume-On uses the latest LED technology and is one of those simple ideas that works really well.

Securing its spot on the MBY Cool 50 thanks to its ease of use, reasonable price point and effectiveness, the patches are easy to retrofit and have a five-year battery life, at which point they can be peeled off and replaced.  

Getting alongside safely and reducing the amount of time an MOB is in the water can be critical, and these patches provide a simple and inexpensive way of helping execute a safe rescue.

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Price: £14.95