Spinlock Pylon Light

Talk about a lightbulb moment. Shining bright on the MBY Cool 50 is this nifty lifejacket light, which flips up as your lifejacket inflates, producing a much-improved 360° spotlight around a casualty in the water.

The light on a lifejacket is a critical piece of kit if you’re trying to recover an MOB yet many lifejacket lights are actually obscured by the body and are thus limited to a 200° arc of illumination. By placing the Spinlock Pylon Light on a 23cm antenna that flips up when the jacket inflates this innovative design from Spinlock raises the light above the head producing much greater illumination.

The Pylon Light eliminates head shadow and sprayhood obstruction and produces a near all-round arc of light around a person in the water. The LED light has a minimum 0.75 Candela for 10-hour duration and a battery life indicator confirm 10-hour minimum capacity.

It’s water activated and has an additional on/off switch. The light is a minimum of 0.75 candela and has a ten-hour battery life.

We often say the best kit is the simplest, and this pylon light is a great example of an innovative piece of safety gear that is simple and effective.

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On test with MBY it deployed every time, was uncomplicated and well constructed and with very little to go wrong with it, the Pylon Light gets top marks.

It is fitted as standard to the Deckvest 5D lifejacket but is easy to retrofit on to just about any jacket using the elasticated band.


Price: £34.96