Guinness and other concerns..

The new Guinness stand is worrying me and where are the inland boats?


Life in the motorboat hall is pretty good. The walkways have been busy enough to keep the dealers smiling and the new layout seems to have worked, but take a stroll into the North hall and the picture changes a bit. I have heard stories of disgruntled sail and inland exhibitors, but what annoys me most is the strangely positioned fruit and Euro-Gas lager that has infiltrated the good old Guinness tent.

Actually, it’s not even a tent anymore. Apparently it’s been left open so that patrons may take in the views. From my frequent visits I can tell you that these views include the air conditioning system and some weird seagull awning that is a cross between some poor, unfortunate child’s pyjamas and a dodgy tablecloth. The lack of a roof has hurt the atmosphere while the new counter system turns rows of drinkers into a worrying mock up of battery chickens.

Still, it could be worse, you could be paying to exhibit an inland craft in the North hall. Our scouts are yet to return, but I understand it’s somewhere over in a far corner?