Icom Launch Waterproof VHF with built in flotation

Icom launch a new waterproof handheld VHF radio with added flotation at London Boat Show 2007


As expected there are numerous new products and accessories being launched at London. New engines, electronics, inflatable boats and clothing are abundant, and we are slowly making our way around the show to report on the best bits in the March issue.

One piece of kit that’s caught our eye early on, is the new Icom M33. It’s a waterproof handheld VHF with built in flotation.

If you have ever dropped your handheld in the drink, the fact that it may continue to work is no consolation if it is only Davy Jones who has access to it. On MBM cruising club events we have had more than our fair share of mishaps, so one that floats is definitely on our shopping list.