Inland section sorely lacking

MBM laments on why the inland section at the London Boat Show is still below par


By all accounts the BMF has really pulled itself together and produced the best London Boat Show in recent years. It’s a shame then that while some elements have seen big improvements others have deteriorated. I visited the inland waterways section and discovered that while some people exhibiting for the first time are happy enough with their positioning, others are deeply disappointed, “It get worse every year. Any further and we’d be outside” one exhibitor told me. Well, it seems half the inland section is now outside. Those lucky enough to be inside have bagged the not-so-coveted spot of far left corner of the north hall.

I had expected something more, especially after Earls Court pulled together such a nice inland section back in December. So come on BMF, sort it out.

Elsewhere dealers are getting ready for the busiest weekend of the show and judging by how many people I saw piling through the doors this morning they should be in for a busy couple of days.