It’s good to talk

Meeting people is the highlight of the show for me


Do you know what the best thing is about being at Southampton Boat Show? No, it’s not the expensive new boats, or the latest in gadgetry. It’s meeting people. Whether it’s readers passing on their comments on the mag, and filling us in on stories and gossip from their local area, or, like yesterday, MBM reader and proud father of 15 year old Charlie. The youngster noticed a gap in the market and dad was showing me the prototype of a useful, but very simple bit of kit that could be beneficial to many motor boaters, and may even prevent expensive engine damage. You can find out what it is in the November issue show report. It’s especially nice to meet up with cruising club participants from this, and previous years, and listen enviously as they run through the shortlist of boats they are looking at during the show. It’s also a revelation to find the person I am talking to is, in fact, GHJ123-boaty, from the MBM forum. Reading and posting on the forums for the last eight years, I consider many of these strange named people as friends, so it’s good to be able to put a face to the moniker.

My two official stints on the MBM stand may be over now, but you can put money on me being backwards and forwards, and squeezing in a few unofficial sessions. If you do drop by, come and say hello, and don’t forget to give me your forum name as well, because you don’t look anything like what you do in my head.