Joysticks are taking over the World!

Boat propulsion systems are getting more joystick controls


While some remain unconvinced by the likes of Volvo Penta’s IPS and Cummins MerCruiser’s Zeus drive systems, the people developing the technology that drive our boats continue to produce electronically controlled, joystick driven offerings that provide drivability way beyond that of conventional propulsion units. One of the more exciting launches during yesterday’s preveiw day was Axius, a sort of IPS for sterndrive boats. Currently only available on petrols, Axius will allow independant movement of the drives when using the joystick. This delivers the same kind of manouverabilty that IPS and Zeus bring to shaft drive boats. If you are coming down to the show, you can experience Axius on a Sealine SC29 on duty on the Try a Boat stand. If you’re not able to visit the show, don’t worry, we have been out on the boat and will bring you more in an upcoming issue of MBM. Yellowfin, a launch from last years Southampton boat show seemed to have dropped of the radar, but an unscheduled visit to the show by a Yellowfin powered RIB reminded us why we were so excited it about it 12 months ago. Keep an eye on our video archive , where later today we will upload the Yellowfin RIB in action, and get some comments from the marketing manager about what’s happening at Yellowfin HQ.