Last day at the Show!

Its crunch time on the last day of the Collins Stewart Boat Show


It’s the last day at the Collins Stewart London Boat Show, and as you may have read in Simon’s blog yesterday, today is make or break time for some exhibitors. Like yesterday there is a steady stream of visitors making there way through the ticket barriers, but it is perhaps a little quieter today.

Yesterday I actually had a proper look around the show as a visitor. A few highlights were a look aboard the RNLI Lifeboat outside, this was followed by a sneaky peek on the Azimut 98. The Lifeboat was very impressive, I had never been aboard one of its class and caliber before; it was a fantastic insight on how solid and outstandingly practical they are; truly beasts. Aboard the Azimut one word kept on reoccurring, “stunning”. The master cabin or suite has beautiful water level picture windows either side. I could just imagine waking up at anchor somewhere in the Caribbean, with the clear blue water lapping outside you window. At nearly 100ft long the yacht is capable of an astonishing top speed of 32 knots, burning over 7 gallons per mile. The engine room is incredible housing the two awesome 2000hp MTU engines.

Inside the south hall getting aboard smaller boats was another story; there were queues for many of the boats and the isles along the far side were crowded and slow moving. The queues died down mid afternoon as it got dark outside.