Living la vida smoker

How the MBM team have been living at Southampton


You may well imagine that we at MBM, when not necking Guinness or taking advantage of PR hospitality, are holed up in five-star luxury, floating around in the De Vere’s new swimming pool perhaps. So to prove that we really are the magazine of the people (and perhaps that we need a new travel agent) we thought we might let you in on our après show activities. This year our bulimic budget has us holed up above the Grapes (£45 a night, breakfast included). Living above a pub has its uses, plus we have the restaurants of Oxford Street at our mercy. The décor is one part Enid Blyton, two parts and Al Murray, the breakfasts are big and Stewart has a TV in his room approximately the same size as his London flat, but sadly we hadn’t considered the noise emanating up from Southampton’s busiest pub straight through our windows. Actually, hand on heart, it’s not bad at all and the management have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. The pub is usually packed with very relaxed members of the marine world, and we are faced with the onerous task of going pint to pint with the best of them. So if you happen to be passing tonight or tomorrow, why don’t you drop by?