London Boat Show – Is it better than last year?

2007 has seen many changes to the layout and format of the London Boat Show. One week in, are they working?


Before the show, we were promised a new layout and a more exciting experience. Although the show has felt quiet over the last few days, I believe they have delivered. For the visiting families, free entry for under 16’s and a free show guide will have saved a bob or two on what has previously been regarded as an expensive day out. The initial car parking problems seem to have been resolved, with the fifteen pound all day charge being reduced to nine pounds and, once inside, the various demonstrations, talks and participation activities certainly seem to provide distractions to those in your party whose interest in boating may not be as keen as yours. The one change that to my mind doesn’t work revolves around the central boulevard. Many of the large doorways between the halls and central area have been left closed. While this allows extra space for more exhibits, it does make navigating around the show a little more problematic, and the central boulevard seems to have suffered with fewer visitors criss-crossing into the halls. Numbers may yet prove to be down, (official figures wil be released after the doors close on Sunday), but overall the feeling at the show has been upbeat.