Oi! Who’s nicked me deckies?

Whoever nicked my Dubarrys from outside the Sealine SC38, GIVE THEM BACK!


I’ve been a victim of crime at the London Boat Show.

As I emerged from the interior of the Sealine SC38, I looked around for my deck shoes.

My lovely, worn-in deck shoes.

My favourite Dubarrys.

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Now I face the prospect of completing a full week at the Boat Show wearing unworn-in deck shoes. This is suicide. IPC’s health and safety should step in. My blisters will have blisters by the end of Sunday.

If you have them, if you know someone who has them, step forward. I will give you amnesty. There will be no MBM ‘Name and Shame’ campaign. Just give me back my deckies!