Sessa focuses on design

Massimo Radice, vice chairman of Sessa Marine, thinks boats will adopt more defined identities in 2008


For too long boatbuilders have been following set rules for design and it’s time for a change, says Massimo Radice, vice chairman of Sessa Marine. Sessa has launched the C46 and the Key Largo 26 at the London Boat Show. The C46 is an open hardtop driven by the Volvo IPS system, while the Key Largo 26 is the latest in the Italian builder’s open outboard range. Massimo says: “We think design is becoming more and more important. Before, many designers tried to follow each other and boats became very similar. Now we want more Sessa style.” Looking to the future Massimo is confident that different brands will develop their own recognisable identity. “Design is the whole package; style, material, colour, and ergonomy and I think you will start to see more defined characteristics between boats.” And, as Sessa moves into 2008, as well as the hotly anticipated C65, Massimo hints that the company may have a few more tricks up its sleeves. “We have favoured light oak interiors in the past but in the future expect to see new materials, new ideas.”