Sheerline, leading the way for British motor boat builders

Sheerline lead the way in multiplex electrical systems


Think of a British boat builder who would be first in line to embrace new technology, and you would almost certainly come up with one of the big five. It’s nice then, to report that Sheerline, a small family run concern producing boats in small numbers, have beaten the big boys when it comes to installing multiplex electrical systems. What are multiplex electrical systems I hear you cry? Well, whilst I could try and baffle you with my limited knowledge into believing I fully understand it, I know most of you are too clever for that. What I will say it that it looks cool, will appeal to anyone who likes a bit of gadgetry, and will probably end up costing the boat buyer very little. The reason for this is that by installing multiplex systems, the builder actually saves a whole lump of cash. The equipment is not cheap, but savings are made on the installation in both the time of skilled tradesman, and the cost of all those miles of wires usually found running through the boat. For example, where there would normally be a loom of wires, some very heavy duty, running up to the helm for the electrical controls, there is now a single pair of 1mm wires. These pair feed information to the control unit, which sends messages to modules placed around the boat to operate the required piece of kit. It’s all controlled by touch screens and being solid state, should provide comfort to those that think all this technology could be unreliable. I know some of the big boys have been on the Sheerline stand at the show, so expect to see multiplexing available on other boats soon. In the meantime Sheerline are the only company fitting a complex multiplexing system to their boat as standard, and can be seen on the 1050 in the Hydropool marina on berth 127.