Technical Clothing in Disguise

Claire examines the new collections from Gill


Renowned for its technical apparel, marine clothing manufacturer Gill has gone casual. At a press launch held on the Gill stand this afternoon Nick Gill presented the company’s new range of technical clothing in disguise. With prices ranging from £25-£75, the collection includes men’s and women’s T-shirts, trousers, jackets and gilets with a twist. Each garment claims to provide SPF 50 UV protection and feature quite remarkable waterproof fabrics. When demonstrated to us, water immediately beaded on the surface and simply ran off. Salt spray or a light rain shower – no heavy foulies required here. The range is casual and affordable enough for everyday use yet practical in providing protection from the elements. We’re told that the fabrics are non-coated but are made in such a way that they are breathable and water-repellent at the same time. There is also a new Gill Inshore-Lite jacket (pictured). This is an ultra lightweight waterproof jacket, which I think, would be at home afloat and ashore. This jacket is available at the show priced at £90.
Gill stand: NO35C.