That’s not a boat, this is a boat

Suddenly the boats on the pontoon seem quite small


My ears are still ringing. On my way back to the press office my attention was caught by the bellowing sound of a horn. As I turned around I was shocked to see a mammoth ferry, which dwarfed the whole pontoon area, moving past, drawing gasps from the gathered crowd. Suddenly the Princesses along the end pontoon seemed quite small.

I finally got the chance to look around some boats today.

I jumped on the new Nimbus 365 Coupe, which has lovely wide side decks and a nice open cockpit with teak bathing platform. A door at the helm opens onto the side decks and on first impressions I found it to be a cute, quirky boat, if a little pokey.

The Maritimo 48 enclosed flybridge has been receiving appreciative nods all day and it’s certainly an impressive sight, towering above its neighbours. I added one to my mental shopping basket.

I also spotted an interesting looking silver launch called Admirals Tender by Superior Yachts, which sits next to the two Goldfish 29 RIBs, one of which,Lionheadwas the recent winner of the 2008 fastest RIB Round Britain award.

Phew, it’s been a long day so it’s off to the Guinness bar for me. Until tomorrow.