The Chinese Faroe

A quick look at the Chinese built Faroe 360 Sedan.


Our offer on the forums to take photos on behalf of readers unable to attend the show, saw me heading down to the Chinese built Faroe 360 Sedan late last night. This boat really has something going for it, and it’s not just the the £150K ex vat price tag. On board there is, dare I say, a slight Flemming feel about the vessel. That’s not to say you should stick your million back in the bank and buy one of these instead, just that the design has an air of a much more expensive boat. The flybridge is basic but vast, the interior nicely thought out and the standard items list bursting with such things as a generator, bow and stern thrusters and heating. The boat can accomodate six, but with only one separate cabin, four of those will be in the saloon, so this is a boat for couples, with occasional overnight visitors. There are some new models on the horizon including an aft cabin version of the 360, for just an extra £10k ex vat, and two 42 footers priced from £180k ex vat for the single engines sedan version, to £210k ex vat for the twin engined aft cabin model. The single 230hp Cummins engine means the 360 Sedan, as with other models mentioned, is a boat for life in the slow lane, producing a top speed of 10 knots and a cruising speed of 8. More pictures of the Faroe 360 will be on our flickr site later today.