The heat is on!

Dissapointment with MBM's entry to the Honda RYA Media RIB Challenge


Today the pressure was on me for the Honda RYA Media RIB Challenge. At 1230 the challenge began. Up first was a female entry from Meridian TV, her time was 2 minutes and 46 seconds – could I beat her time? Briefed, nervous but raring to go, I was up next. The course consisted of a tight slalom, manoverboard, reversing around a buoy and a sprint to finish. I would get two gos and penalties would be given if I hit a buoy or if I got my crew’s feet wet in reverse, with each penalty 5 seconds would be deducted from my time. With a stiff breeze and a strong tide a short chop had built up in the challenge area. My first attempt went well with no penalties and was pretty fast I thought; I was feeling confident. In an attempt to better my first time, the ‘red mist’ came down and in the second run I drove a little faster and harder. As a result my finesse seeped away and I recieved a penalty in the reversing as water splashed over the transom. I walked away with a dissapointing time of 2 minutes 15 seconds. As the day went on the times have bettered and I’ve had to admit defeat. Hats off to fellow IPC journalist Rob Peake. He netted a superb time of 1 minute and 54 seconds and is no doubt the winner of the day. Other entries included Blue Sheets and Rib International. The results will be announced at 1730 tonight on the Honda Stand.

Latest in! Update on the results of todays Honda RYA Media Challenge

First Place – Nick Rust (World of Powerboats) TIME 1.35.71
Second Place – Paul Lemmer (RIB International) TIME 1.37.14
Third Place – Rob Peake (Motor Boat and Yachting) TIME 1.54.05