The London Boat Show hots up

Four days in and the London Boat Show is showing no signs of slowing its pace


It seems a little quieter today but for a Monday the turnout is still pretty impressive. I have spent most of the day stepping on and off boats – some pretty big ones too. For most of us, an 80-foot boat will never be anything more than a dream but I thought I would indulge my decadent side and compare the delights of the Sunseeker 86 and the Princess V85. And, after watching the V85 on its turbulent journey from water to cradle, I’m just glad it’s still in one piece (see March MBM for full feature).
Elsewhere at the show the entertainment has been hotting up, Anchor Watch seems to be drawing a steady crowd and there are kite and windsurfing demos in the South Hall but it is at the main stage that you will hear the most whoops of delight. As I left, a catwalk show had just ended in which several scantily clad men and women had cavorted in their swimming costumes, creating eye candy aplenty.