The show opens!

A spectacular opening to the 54th London Boat Show


The Collins Stewart London Boat Show opened this morning will all the glitz and glamour that this major marine event deserves. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Gryff Rhys Jones did the honours with the ribbon, officially opening the show. But it was what came after that really had the audience in raptures – a Cirque de Soleil-esque high wire act featuring a singing ‘Sea Queen’, a huge 30ft puppet and a couple of lithe young ladies dancing to beat-infused operatic music. It may sound odd, but it was quite brilliant. And finally, the assembled throng thought, the British Marine Federation had got the opening to this show right. This all took place on the main stage in the North Hall, which gives the show a centre, and more importantly, a heart. The show also seems busy, and, dare I say it, lively, as if the crowds are responding positively to the entertainment and boats on offer.