Claire summerizes the Try a Boat


MBM’s Control Boat Calm Voyager is available for rides on the Try-A-Boat stand at the show. The Try-A-Boat booking point has moved this year, its now on the RYA stand E52. The Fairline Phantom 40 can only take 4 people out at a time, so to avoid disappointment our advice is to head to the stand first thing. This will be the last Motor Boats Monthly outing for Calm Voyager; after the show the boat is officially handed back to Fairline Essex and will be sold. Fairline Essex have been responsible for Calm Voyager for the first five days of the show, but from tomorrow onwards the job transfers to the MBM Editorial team and skipper RYA instructor Jon Mendez. It seems the boat has been very popular. Skipper Fairline Essex’s Peter Bell reported that everyday so far, the 2-year-old Fairline Phantom 40 has been the first to be fully booked, and remarkably on Sunday it was fully booked for the day by 1015, just fifteen minutes after show opening. We look forward to seeing you aboard.