Visit a working warship

Get shown around a working warship at ExCeL


On Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited aboard HMS Exeter, the Type 42 destroyer that’s moored on the quayside at ExCeL, and given a personal tour of the ship by an officer. Wow. I had never been on a working warship before, so I must admit to a boyish thrill at being shown around. I saw first hand the usually unseen innards of Exeter, and was constantly amazed by the number of gonks, gadgets and gizmos that are required to keep the ship running. If you get the chance while at the boat show, I highly recommend you climb the gangplank and see the ship for yourself. Beware though, the queues to get on board can grow quite long. HMS Exeter battle honours: Sadras (1782), Negapatam (1782), Providien (1782), Trincomalee (1782), River Plate (1939), Malaya (1942), Sunda Strait (1942), Falkland Islands (1982), Kuwait (1991).