World’s most powerful outboard makes UK debut

Yamaha's 350hp V8 four-stroke makes UK debut and Suzuki announce 5-year warranty.


When you have overcome the technical difficulties of building the world’s first V8 four-stroke outboard that also happens to be the most powerful outboard ever, you are left with the simple task of finding transoms to fit it to. In Ribeye’s Grand Tourer 1050, Yamaha have found a place to mount not one, but two of these behemoths. The boat’s not ready for sea trials yet, but with an expected top speed of 65 knots, we’ll be the first in the queue when the time comes. The boat and engines can be seen in the marina on berth 043. On the subject of outboards, anyone in the market over the next few months will be interested to know that if they chose a motor from the Suzuki range, it will come with a 5-year warranty. The offer runs until the end of the year and covers all outboards from 2.5hp up to 300hp used in the UK for leisure purposes.