Day 1 Channel Islands & West Country

Boats assemble for the second MBM cruise of the season

Under sunny skies the fleet are now assembled at Royal Clarence Marina in Gosport. A mixture of old faces and new attended the inaugural briefing.

Below is a list cruise boats:

AquaVit Princess 430
Blue Fin (MBM) Princess 42
Blue Quest Nelson 45
Braveheart Seaward 35
Castaway of Falmouth Sealine S34
Elinor B Princess 42
Illusion Fairline Phantom 40
Job Done Sealine S38
Jomina Broom 39 2 2
Ozone Jeanneau Prestige 34
Pearl Trader Trader 42
Petrolia Nimbus Nova 42
Quiet Way Sessa C35
Rosie Fairline Targa 40
Seacrest Fairline Phantom 38
Silver Fox Fairline Phantom 38
Smitten Sealine 410
Sophie Windy Mirage 25
The Two of Us Fairline Phantom 38
Time Flies Red Bay Stormforce 650
Zanique Neptune PT465

Cherbourg is on the agenda for tomorrow. Time Flies, staffed by Guernsey-man Richard Poat and MBM’s Claire Frew will depart first from Portsmouth at 0530 to assess the conditions in the channel, in view of the first boats departing at 0700.

Photos – Time Flies (Red Bay Stormforce 650) with Michelle Grant & Richard Poat aboard, Blue Fin arriving at Royal Clarence Marina and Cruise Leader Neale Byart with Nimbus Nova 42 Petrolia Claire Frew

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