Day 16 – Channel Islands & Brittany Cruise

A delay for the fleet but there is a possible weather window tomorrow

After a quick weather check by Neale, at 7.50 support Ribeye RIB Time Flies slipped and headed out over the sill at Victoria Marina. Richard and Claire reported back that conditions were unacceptable off the top of Guernsey. The fleet would not be going home today.

Back at Victoria Marina crews had gathered on the pontoon next to Blue Fin to listen to Neale’s broadcast. When the news reached the fleet a cheer went up. It seems crews were not ready to go home just yet, and what a lovely day sunny, but breezy, day to have here too.

Tony and Amanda from Free Spirit took the ferry over to the neighbouring island of Sark. They explored every inch of the island but the ferry passage out there and back was very wet and choppy. Penny and Stephen from Gîte took the ferry over to Herm and after walking around the whole island had a delicious lobster lunch in the White House Hotel.

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A briefing was held on the pontoon at 6pm where Neale informed crews of the plans for tomorrow. There is a possible weather window in the morning. The same as today, Neale will check the weather again on the morning and if necessary Time Flies will go out for a final assessment. If conditions are acceptable the first boats will be departing at 8.45.

You can see Blue Fin, Time Flies and the fleet on this webcam

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