Day 1 – Irish Sea

The sun is shining ahead of MBM's first Cruising Club trip to Ireland in four years

Position: 53° 17.50 N 003° 50.31 W Conwy Marina, Wales

The sun is shining, the wind is light and it’s a stunning evening here in North Wales ahead of what will be the first Cruising Club journey to Ireland in four years.

The welcome briefing took place at 1830, with Neale telling assembled crews what the plan is for tomorrow. Since all boats cruise at similar speeds, we’ll be departing in a single group at 10am for the roughly four-and-a-half-hour leg to Dublin. One of our party, Dragonfly, will be making its own way across to Ireland from Milford Haven, and we expect to meet them tomorrow afternoon.

At the moment, the conditions are looking reasonably favourable. We’re expecting force 3s and 4s, which shouldn’t trouble any of those taking part.

It’s going to be an intimate cruise, given that there are only five boats taking part (including Calm Voyager) after a few late cancellations, but that shouldn’t dent anyone’s eagerness to get out into the Irish Sea.

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The boats taking part are as follows:

Calm Voyager Fairline Phantom 40
Dragonfly Fairline Phantom 46
Jolica II Sealine F43
Sea 02 Sealine F37
Seascape IV Jeanneau Prestige 32