Day 10 Paris

The fleet enjoys the last day in Paris. Tomorrow they will begin retracing their steps downstream

Last day in Paris

Participants awoke to a grey, chilly, overcast morning in the Paris Arsenal Marina – a pleasant relief from the sweltering conditions of previous mornings.

HarveyMae and Knot Again slipped and departed the marina early morning, today they would be travelling downstream towards Les Mureux. They were closely followed by Raffles and Attacker V who were travelling upstream to refuel.

The crew of Endless Summer visited the Louvre, which was followed by some retail therapy at Champs-Elyseés. Drenagh and Simon of Oxygen took their last opportunity to stroll along the bustling Paris Plage in the sunshine. Meanwhile, the family from Amethyst treated themselves to lunch up the Eiffel Tower – they reported back it wasn’t cheap but it avoided queuing and the food and service was exquisite.

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Tomorrow the fleet will leave Paris and begin retracing their steps downstream. The Moulin Rouge is on the agenda for the crews of Raffles and Two To Tango for their last night in Paris.

A briefing was held on the quayside at 1800 detailing the plans for tomorrow’s move back to the Ile de France Yacht Club. The first lock is at 0800.

Blue Finand the fleet assembled in the Paris Arsenal
The Paris Plages
Neale addresses the fleet at the briefing

Day 11