Day 2 Bruges

Another blustery day and its still a waiting game for the MBM fleet

Saturday 12th May

The Waiting Game

In the schedule, Calais had beckoned, but the weather being as it is the decision not to move cross-channel was a wise one. With deceptively bright, cloudy skies overhead, the howling wind depicts the mood of the sea. There are currently strong wind warnings issued across the southern and south eastern coast regions of the UK.

Last night’s visit to Ramsgate by road by the MBM team was a great opportunity to meet everyone. With 12 boats now assembled, spirits were high as everyone gathered in the bar at the Royal Temple Yacht Club.

Although the wind is due to drop off tonight, the weather for tomorrow is not looking as good as it was yesterday. Despite this the MBM team remains optimistic to move Calm Voyager and Time Flies to Ramsgate and join the gathered participants. The postponed briefing will be held tomorrow night at the Royal Temple Yacht Club. Looking ahead, weather permitting of course, the plan is to make a passage to Oostende on Monday or Tuesday.