Day 2 – Channel Islands & France

The MBM fleet sit out the weather, but there is more coming tomorrow...

Blown Away

Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport, Portsmouth

The weather gods are not being kind and true to the forecast participants awoke to lines snatching and a howling wind.

So crews had the day to themselves. There have been board games aboard Sealine S34 Humu Humu, otherwise it has been a day of pottering and sheltering from a cold brisk wind that is whipping through the marina. With the football on tonight a visit to the local pub is now on the agenda.

For the crew of Blue Fin there was a jobs list to tend to, there was a broken water pump on Maggie the Botnia Targa 25 and Rioja Rara, a Fairline Targa 33 is suffering from engine problems.

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A few regular faces from the cruising club have visited the crew on Blue Fin today, David and Neil of AquaVit dropped by for cuppa and later on there was Jenny and Mike from Ocean Catch now Lady Iris.

Neale, David & Neil

Cruising Club regulars David and Neil visit Blue Fin

Out in the Channel it was gusting a Force 5 to 7 all day and unfortunately with similar conditions tomorrow the fleet will be remaining at Gosport for another day. The team will now be looking at Monday as a possible move day.