Day 2 – Channel Islands Liberation Cruise

A perfect crisp (although early) morning the for first leg of the Liberation cruise

Position – Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport

My first MBM cruise, and the

excitement of taking Blue Fin across the channel has been increasing for weeks. Our latest Blue Fin, a new Prestige 350, has two rather nice cabins making the most of the large hull windows. However, as the latest recruit to the team I have been afforded the honour of sleeping in the largest cabin of them all, otherwise known as the saloon. Ancasta adapted the seating to create a pull out bed, but that doesn’t solve the issue of having to always be the last to bed and the first up. I fancy that, as a week of long days and early mornings catches up with me, I shall simply become an obstacle to clamber over.

After a frantic day yesterday, reorganising the schedule, picking up boats and shopping for the essentials, participants were given new start times at last night’s briefing and we are now on our way to France some 24 hours earlier than planned.

The rewarding part was rising, although reluctantly, at 5am this morning, to find the Solent totally calm and certainly worth the extra effort. Cruising Club leader, Neale, seems to have pulled it out of the bag, even the sun is poking through the clouds. Lets hope it carries on like this!

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