Day 2 – Holland

Poor weather conditions have postponed the fleet's passage to Nieuwpoort

51°19.711N 001°25.260E

I regret to report it’s been a rainy day in Ramsgate. Poor and unpredictable weather conditions have postponed the fleet’s passage to Nieuwpoort so today has been spent carrying out boat chores.

Lady Luck has not been looking down onDonny Rover, which is still suffering engine woes, while Neale has also been helping fix problems onPetroliaandAqaba Sunset.

Spirits are fairly high though, Claire and I spotted the crew of Odyssey on the wrong pontoon after they momentarily lost their boat (surely a Broom 36 is not that hard to miss) and they didn’t even seem too bothered. We’re all hopeful that tomorrow will bring calmer weather so we can really get this cruise started.

The plan is to send Time Flies out early to check conditions and if they are deemed acceptable the rest of us will follow.

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In the meantime you can look to see if you can spot us on the Ramsgate Harbour webcam