Day 2 Normandy Shakedown Cruise

The fleet experience a fabulous Channel Crossing


49°38.74N 001°37.21W

At noon today the first boat slipped its lines in Haslar, and headed out into the Solent. By 12:40, all boats were on passage, and after rounding the eastern edge of the Isle of Wight set a course of 203° for Cherbourg. The crossing could not have been better, mirror like seas, little commercial shipping and even the odd appearence by the sun provided an almost perfect days boating. The Windy Khamsin, Njord, made best use of the conditions, blasting across the Channel at speeds of over 30 knots! On our arrival in Cherbourg outer harbour we were greeted by a lone dolphin, he passed down our port side before swimming off to play in the wakes of other boats.

For all participants, today marks thier first Channel crossing, so there may be a few celebratory glasses consumed this evening. Luckily tomorrow is a rest day, allowing plenty of time to recover before our planned move to St Vaast on Monday.

Photo captions:

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Njord making good time across the Channel