Day 2 (Part 2) – Channel Islands Liberation Cruise

An exciting first day of my first MBM cruise

Position 49° 38.69 N 001° 37.25 W Port Chantereyne, Cherbourg

The first to set off this morning were the displacement boats, followed a few hours later by the planning cruisers. MBM’s RIB, Time Flies, left first, leading the pack and meeting boats in Cherbourg to assist with fuelling and taking lines.

Neale and I left last in Blue Fin, speeding along at 25knots. The sea was as calm as you could hope, allowing all the boats to keep their ideal speed, although we did have to slow a little for the essential cups of tea.

The crossing of nearly 70 miles flew by at an alarming rate for someone used to sailing at 5knots. Having a windscreen was also a very welcome comfort.

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Mid trip one of the boats had engine problems, although they continued to make way, they were escorted across the shipping channel and into the Cherbourg marina. Towards the end of the day, we received a call from another boat that had lost steering. A short 32knot run and we were alongside towing her in to port. Within a couple of hours the MBM team managed to rectify the problems with both boats, who are now ready for the next leg of our trip.