Day 3 – Bruges

Nineteen boats together at last in Ramsgate

Sunday 13th May

Together at Last

The alarm aboard the control boat Calm Voyager went off at 0400 hrs this morning. Today the two control boats would escape Port Solent and join the fleet at Ramsgate. As the forecast had predicted, the wind had dropped off early evening, leaving a still, tranquil morning. Elsewhere other participants were also on passage to Ramsgate, such as the Fairline 29 Mirage ‘SeaJay’ from Felixstowe who left at 0500 hrs and reached Ramsgate by 0830 hrs for breakfast. By 6 o’clock, as the sun rose over the Solent, Calm Voyager and Time Flies were well on their way towards Brighton and Ramsgate in slight seas. Departing from Eastbourne, Fairline 46 Phantom ‘Dragonfly’ and Broom 42 ‘Joli D’ from Chatham both arrived safely at Ramsgate just after lunch. By 1600 hrs the last boat, Sealine 410 ‘Smitten’ had arrived at Ramsgate making the fleet 19 boats.

The Cruise Briefing tonight is at 1830 hrs at the Royal Temple Yacht Club. It has been an uncomfortable afternoon in the harbour, the pontoons and boats tied to them rocking violently. A heavy downpour late afternoon proceeded to drown anyone venturing into town and the roads were a torrent of rushing water.

The plan is to move to Oostende tomorrow. The strong winds buffeting the harbour are forecast to drop overnight decreasing to force 3-4’s during the morning. By tomorrow afternoon the weather is due to build again, so to make use of the favourable morning tide an early morning departure is planned. Calm Voyager will go out to access the conditions and then the first boat is due to leave port at 0715 hrs.


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