Day 3 Channel Islands & West Country

Unexpected rest day in Cherbourg

Wind stops play

Cherbourg Marina Position 49° 38′.681 N 001°37.218 W

The alarm aboard Blue Fin went off at 0630 FST, so Neale could check the weather for a possible passage for Jersey. Unfortunately the conditions were too windy to consider making a move – Force 5 to 6 increasing to 7 – so the fleet were informed that they would be spending the day in Cherbourg.

Although it has been blustery all day there has been plenty of sunshine and people have been out and about exploring the town or catching up with jobs on their boats. Steve and Elisa from Smitten sampled some cakes from the local pâtisserie, Mike from Jomina had a go at rope splicing and the MBM team bumped into the crew from Pearl Trader at the local hypermarket stocking up on supplies.

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The forecast still isn’t looking good for tomorrow but we haven’t discounted it yet. We will be checking the weather again at 0800 and keeping our fingers crossed that the high winds blow through quicker than expected.

Brenda and Mike from Jomina catch up with boat chores
The crews from Elinor B and Aquavit

Day 4

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