Day 3 – Irish Sea

The fleet rests in Howth, and endures some fairly bizarre weather

Position 53° 23.36 N 006° 04.07 W Howth Marina, Ireland

It’s a rest day here in Howth, which means there isn’t an awful lot to report. Some crews have taken the train to Dublin, while others are just relaxing on their boats.

The fuelling situation has been resolved, as the promised delivery of diesel was made this morning.

Howth is a small, but bustling place. Tourist buses bring them in to walk around the town and its wharf, which still shelters a sizeable fishing fleet.

Last night, one of the trawlers was clearing its holds of water, and a group of five seals arrived from nowhere to play in the fishy discharge.

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The presence of so many fishing boats means there’s an abundance of seafood restaurants. In fact, there’s almost an entire row of them right next to the basin where the fishing fleet moors.

The weather has been a bit schizophrenic today. One minute the skies are blue and you’re thinking it couldn’t get much better and then suddenly… wham, you’re hit with a monsoon-like rain shower.

Tomorrow it’s Dublin for the Calm Voyager crew. We’ve been told a tour of the Guinness factory is a must-do.


A seal plays near a fishing trawler
Howth Abbey
Howth Marina