Day 3 – Normandy

Weather delays the fleet another day in Cherbourg

Another night in Cherbourg

Position 49° 38.69 N 001° 37.25 W
Cherbourg Marina

The alarm aboard Calm Voyager went off at 0700 hrs local (that’s 0600 BST!). By 0800 hrs Time Flies had re-fuelled and headed out towards St Vaast. The plan was to get far enough along the track to assess the weather for the fleet. The outcome was that the fleet would not move today. Back at Cherbourg Marina there was bright sunshine and a blue sky, but the strong wind howled through the masts.

Today had turned into a rest and exploration day for the participants, with some venturing to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium while others re-stocked their wine cellars.

Aboard Calm Voyager the DIY duo, Richard and Neale busied themselves with fitting a self-tracking TV antenna to the radar arch. As I write the mission is still incomplete and will be continued later in the trip.

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Another briefing was held on the pontoon at 1830 hrs. The plan tomorrow is to leave an hour later to make use of the tide, with the first boat departing at 1030. Time Flies will go out first again to assess the conditions.

Photo captions:
Napoleon Statue
French Patisserie *photo by Richard Poat
Sealine S28 ‘Flower Power’