Day 5 Normandy Shakedown Cruise

A rest day in St Vaast


49°35.20N 001°15.79W

Finally, the stronger winds that have been forecast for the last couple of days have reached us. Today was a rest day, so as yet they have failed to interfere with our plans. The sun is still shining and crews have taken the opportunity to explore the small town, visit the chandlery for those bits that every boater needs, and wander along the coastline.

St Vaast seems to have two main industries, fishing and boat building. On the beach just north of the marina you can see the oyster beds stretching across the bay at low tide. Just south of the marina, craftsman turn out traditional wooden boats, built to withstand the harsh life they will no doubt be given as fishing vessels. Even for a lover of all things white and plastic, it’s hard not to see the beauty, and admire the work that goes into these fine craft.

If the wind drops overnight as forecast, we will head for Carentan tomorrow. The passage is only ten miles from waypoint to waypoint, but then there is a further 7 miles from the safe water buoy up to the lock. With the tides as they are, we will be leaving St Vaast late afternoon.

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Picture captions: The oyster beds between St Vaast and Ile de Tatihou and Richard, a man with resin running through his veins, admiring the local workmanship.