Day 6 – Normandy

Another day to explore Cherbourg for the fleet

Full Rest Day in Cherbourg

Position 49° 38.69 N 001° 37.25 W
Cherbourg Marina

The forecast had been correct for today, so the fleet had the full day to explore Cherbourg and beyond.

A group of participants organized a mini bus to explore Barfleur and St Vaast. The crew of Fairline Targa ‘Splash’ rode their petrol powered scooters to St Vaast, towing their daughter Charlotte behind in a buggy.

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Neale took the day to finish installing the TracVision Satellite TV system to Calm Voyager.

By lunchtime the familiar grey skies were above us again, and the heavens opened. The rain continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

Despite the heavy rain during the evening, Cherbourg town bustled with a music festival. All types of live music could be heard from shop doorways and squares, from rock to Irish, techno to reggae and even a church choir. The most impressive being a street samba band that danced through the streets banging out fantastically synchronized beats.

Photo Captions:
Neale fitting the hood of the TracVision antenna
‘Splash’ – Mandy, Ken and Charlotte on their motorised scooters