Day 7 – Bruges Cruise

A rest day for the fleet in beautiful Bruges

Thursday 17th May

Bustling Bruges

It had been a relaxed start to the day for the fleet after a long day yesterday. Despite the morning rain and grey skies, everyone seemed keen to hit the town to explore.

Today in Bruges it was Ascencion Day, which is the Holy Blood Procession. The colourful procession started at 1500 hrs and finished at 1730 and featured 51 historical and biblical scenes such as the Adam and Eve and the birth of Christ. The town was bustling with tourists and locals; rows of chairs lined the cobble streets and thousands of people gathered behind barriers to see the impressive spectacle. Horses, herds of sheep and even camels paraded past.

Tomorrow the MBM team have arranged a tanker to come along the opposite bank and re-fuel the fleet. A briefing was held at 1830 hrs to discuss plans for the rest of the week. Looking ahead, on saturday the fleet will re-trace its steps back towards Oostende and will overnight in Dunkerque.