Day 7 – Holland

It's been a relatively calm day for the MBM crew

Brouwershaven 51° 43.60N 003° 54 96E

Today was a rest day in Brouwershaven. The weather flitted between heavy showers and patches of sunshine so we were boat bound for most of it.

Neale did venture over to Polimar II to check for any damage underneath the boat after it ran aground yesterday, using his underwater camera, and I’m glad to report that all seems well. And, despite being let off the hook yesterday when it came to getting in the water, today he had to don his dry suit and venture underwater to retrieve a rope wrapped around Joli D’s prop shaft.

So it’s been a relatively quiet day all round. In the morning Time Flies will be collected to have a service and the plan is to head to our next destination of Port Zelande at about 1pm, but it’s less than three miles away so surely there’s not much that can go wrong, or is there?

Caption: Neale looks rather fetching in his dry suit