Day 9 – Irish Sea

An easy rest day in Portaferry


Position 54° 22.75 N 005° 32.92 W Portaferry Marina, Northern Ireland

Today was a rest day here in Portaferry, so there isn’t a huge amount to report. Some crews wandered into town, which is right on the marina’s doorstep. Others unshackled their tenders from the back of boats and went for a spin down the Lough and over to Strangford.

The sun was out, which was a novelty. But it still wasn’t warm. Strangely, the late evening has proven the warmest part of the day, due, probably, to the dying wind.

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Neale briefed crews in the early evening. He had the unenviable task of informing everyone that we’d be moving out of the marina at 6.45am tomorrow. This is to make sure we time the tides right going out of Strangford Lough.

The 30-mile passage is due to take a couple of hours, and the lead boat should arrive in Carrickfergus Marina at around 9am. We’re expecting no worse than force 3-4s.


Keith from Sea O2 takes his tender for a spin
Sunset over Strangford Lough