Day 10: Ready for the big one

Gran Canaria today... Brazil next!

Scott and Mary Flanders left Gibraltar on 16 September, and we’ll be following their journey every step of the way, thanks to this unique online “blog”. For the first instalment of their diary, click here

We are currently in Las Palmas, Grand Canaria, having arrived last week after a great downhill run. Tomorrow we will collect our final provisions, the following day our final fuel, and then we’ll set off for la Gomeria, Canaries for a couple of days’ visit.

La Gomera is where Columbus left from for his three voyages of discovery including the BIG one. The church where he and his crew prayed before leaving is still there. We will visit that site as well, leaving soon after for the crossing to Brazil.

Our advice so far? Save your money, keep the dream alive. It’s worth it.

Scott & Mary Flanders