Follow the intrepid couple on their round-the-world voyage

Blue skies above

Day 509: Blue skies above

After experiencing a lull in the weather and some welcome sun Scott and Mary took a few days out to explore Chiloe and they are now making their way to Puerto Montt, where they will base themselves for the next two months.

Stepping back in time

Day 505: Stepping back in time

After bidding farewell to their canine friend Chonos, whom they found a trusted family for in local business man Bernando, Scott and Mary head to Castro, the main city of Chiloe, to explore the island and carry out some boat chores.

A well-earned rest

Day 496: A well-earned rest

Over the last few days Chonos has taken over Scott and Mary's lives and they even managed to stay at a dock for (gasp) two nights running. They must be becoming marina queens.


Day 493: A friend in need

After hiding in their anchorage to avoid waves and winds of 31 knots, Scott and Mary were forced to address safety issues and a slowly dying battery bank. Now the weather has abated they are back in the channels slowly making their way north, with a new friend in tow.


Day 476: Playing the waiting game

After an eventful Christmas and New Year spent exploring the caletas of Chile and battling the waves of the Southern Ocean, Scott and Mary are now anchored in Caleta Ideal with their friend.

on the dock

Day 439: On the dock

After a trip to America to catch up with family and attend the Lauderdale International Boat Show, Scott and Mary embarked on a whirlwind 8-day trip to Thailand to visit their son.

Truly wild fishing

Day 386: Truly wild fishing

It's been a while since we've caught up with Scott and Mary Flanders. Here, we rejoin their adventure, as they continue to explore the waters around Ushuaia in Argentina.