Day 55: Calm between the storms

The weather gives Egret a break before building once again

Day 55: Calm between the storms

Position: 21° 19.97S 40° 14.95W

Course: 223°

Distance travelled: 4158.45 nm from Gibraltar

Average speed: 4.6 knots

Conditions: Seas 4′-12′ plus, apparent wind 12-36 knots

Scott and Mary Flanders left Gibraltar on 16 September, and we’ll be following their journey every step of the way, thanks to this unique online “blog”. For the first installment of their diary, click here.

Old Mother Nature gave Egret a good spanking until about 0100 this morning. We had very large head seas and up to 36 knots of wind. Our average speed for 12 plus hours was 3.4 knots (2.8 knots at times). As the seas calmed we sped up and now have slowed as the seas are building again but not nearly as bad. Now the seas are 4′-6′ head seas with 12 knots true wind. Our speed is 6.2 knots at 1550 RPM. With just four spare days to be in Mar del Plata, Argentina for Egret’s rendezvous with the stabiliser rep we need to keep trucking unless the weather becomes impossible.

It is a shame not to be able to spend weeks in Brazil’s prime cruising area but it is more important to keep up with Egret’s overall cruise big weather picture. Our main thrust for this leg of the trip is to maximize our time preparing and staging for the Horn rounding and spending maximum time cruising the Chilean Canals.