Footage of the Seabreacher X shark boat

Truly like nothing you have seen before, the Seabreacher X glides through the water like a dolphin, reaching speeds of up to 50mph thanks to its 260hp supercharged engine

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a, er, shark? Actually the Seabreacher X, built by US-based Innespace, is a submersible watercraft that can reach speeds of up to 50mph, albeit in a rather dolphin/shark-like guise.

The company says this latest X model has a more aggressive shark-style body than its previous dolphin-inspired Seabreacher J model (although it still looks like a dolphin to us), and its 260hp supercharged engine can propel the vessel to 50mph on the surface of the water and 25mph below the surface of the water.

WATCH AMAZING FOOTAGE of the Seabreacher X in action, which shows how the vessel launches itself clear out of the water. Innespace says the new fully vectored thrust system mimics the tail articulation of aquatic animals like sharks and dolphins, promising an unforgettable ride.

The Seabreacher X is a limited edition model and Innespace will only be producing 10 of these vessels, which are priced at around $80,000 (£50,340).