Cruise Further, Cruise Safer in association with Pantaenius

Expand your cruising horizions with our 12-part Cruise Further, Cruise Safer series

Cruise Further, Cruise Safer

There’s no point buying a boat unless you plan to use it but sometimes the gap between how you would like to use it and what you feel comfortable with can be hard to breach.

In this series of videos we plan to give you the skills and the confidence to push your cruising boundaries and make more of your boat’s full potential.

Our aim is not replace the RYA’s excellent training courses but to add to them with practical hints and tips which only years of experience afloat can teach you.

The tutor, Jon Mendez, isn’t just a sea school principal and RYA instructor examiner, he’s also an enthusiastic boat owner who understands that boating is all about enjoying your time on the water.

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The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be and the more fun you will have.

It’s a message which our sponsor, Pantaenius Sail and Motor Yacht insurance, is equally keen to endorse. Have fun and stay safe!

All videos will be added to this page to coincide with the release of the magazine feature each month.

Part 1 – Equipping your boat

Part 2 – Stern-to berthing

Part 3 – Stern-to berthing in high wind

Part 4 – Getting out of trouble

Part 5 – Anchoring overnight

Part 6 – Tender tips

Part 7 – Daily engine checks

Part 8 – Displacement cruising

Part 9 – Leaving a windy berth

Part 10 – Man overboard

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