From the Editor: July 2001

Been to Havana lately? Neither have I but Tom Isitt has, and that's the main thing, to him at least...

Been to Havana lately? Neither have I but Tom Isitt has, and that?s the main thing ? to him at least. What about La Coruña? Me neither, but Peter Cumberlidge seems to quite like it , so that?s all right. The Fairline Squadron 58 ? a powerful and luxurious piece of marine engineering, and a fine example of its type. Booked your test drive yet? Well, no, I haven?t either, but David Marsh appears to have enjoyed his.

No, I?ve been doing sums this month, looking for the division symbol on the keyboard (haven?t got one) and wondering whether ten to the power of minus four can possibly have any actual meaning outside of the darkly obsessive imaginations of maths professors. We?ll have to hope it does, because the reason for inflicting scary looking mathematical formulae on you is to help you work out your boat?s cruising range accurately. Try them ? they?re much more straightforward than they look, and working the exercise through both on the water and on the calculator will help you get to know your boat better. Any amount of number-crunching has got to be preferable to that feeling of anxious anticipation mixed with dread that assails the skipper on passage who is not 100% sure that there?s enough diesel in the tank.

Anyway, anyone would think I was stuck in some dusty London office, pushing bits of paper around instead of sitting here at this rather pleasant pavement café in Cannes. Someone said something about a film festival. Oh look, there?s Helen Baxendale!